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PLAY with and against THE BEST

Midwest Power will play in high level local and regional tournaments as well as some showcases events that best fits each team’s needs.

We want to give our athletes the best path towards an improved Skill set by using a balance of positive training methods and
the challenges of a competitive Tournament schedule.

There will be 11 tournaments in the 2019-2020 season:

  • 3-4 tournaments in the Fall season ( 1out of area/state)
  • 2 tournaments in the Off-Season ( Local in Nov & Dec) *** 2-3 Optional Pay to Play Tournaments in Jan, Feb & March ***
  • 5-6 tournaments in the Summer Season (1 out of area/state)

Depending on the team Dynamics, some teams will not play in local Showcase events in favor of other more timely and/or
appropriate Tournaments being offered at that time.

All POWER teams will play in Top Tier League & State Tournament.
Nationals will be decided on a team by team basis.
Tournaments and their Locations will be determined by Coaching staff for each team.


We will focus Weekly on ;

  • Defensive techniques & agility (1-2X wkly)
  • Proper hitting/swing techniques (1-3X wkly)
  • Arm strength & throwing technique (1-2X wkly)
  • Base running skills (1-2X wkly )
  • General softball IQ (1x monthly in winter only 4 sessions )


  • To develop, foster and enhance all areas of athletic development in our softball
    players through technique based teaching and guidance.
  • While our coaches & players work to enhance individual softball skills, we will
    provide our players the opportunity to display their growth & development against
    some of the best local talent.
  • To create a link between hard work and success… both on and off the field.
  • To provide families with a less expensive softball option while maintaining the
    same growth and developmental options as our parent program.
  • Using a mentorship approach we will Provide Guidance, Coaching & Leadership
    to our players which will enhance their softball IQ and skill sets.


Our focus will be on Family, Fastpitch, and Fun.
We want to focus on developing the entire player.
The multi-sport athletes are encouraged to participate.
We want our players to dive in FACE first . . .

  • Family
  • Academics
  • Church/faith
  • Everything else Including Softball/sports

We will focus our efforts on Developing the Entire Player & Person.
Thru Fun & Hard work we strive to Create an Environment where all players want to Come and Train & Play Weekly.


  • Thru the use of technique based coaching & mentorship, we will create
    A fun-filled environment.
  • Players will be encouraged and coached by the same highly skilled Midwest
    Speed & Area High School coaches.
  • Training sessions will be planned out and different skills worked on weekly.




Mailing Address

Mark Wilson
14761 Erkium St NW

Ramsey, MN 55303


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